About Us
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Just as impressive as The Boatyard’s great location is the intuitive design of the development itself. The properties at The Boatyard feature expansive floor to ceiling windows that maximise the amount of light entering the home by both direct sunlight and reflection from the canal. Two of the homes boast a secluded first floor south facing terrace, a private spot to relax and enjoy the surrounding greenery. The fully integrated off-street car parking is a practical feature exclusive to The Boatyard, finished with urban steelwork frames.

Internally, each property has en suite facilities and boasts spacious living room and kitchen/ dining/ breakfast areas. The detail and the quality of the finishes inside each home are meticulously well considered and executed. The modern kitchens are luxriously fitted and the bathrooms feature contemprary taps, wall and floor tiling. Importantly, all homes on The Boatyard are energy saving and environmentally friendly as we strive to build homes with a high degree of efficiency.

For prices, opening times, release information or anything else, please make your enquiry using the the contact form on the Contacts page where you will also find our telephone number.